How to Apply (and Win) the Canadian Student Visa

Your application to study in Canada will be processed once you’ve been accepted at the university of your choice. You can apply for your study permit visa online or by the paper method.

The paper application takes a long time, whereas the online process is much quicker. You can apply online for a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Canadian Immigration is very strict in its visa requirements. Pakistani students need to understand and comply with all the Canadian student visa requirements.

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Police clearance letter stating that you have no criminal record. There are two recent passport size photos that should be taken in order to complete your application for a new passport.

You must prove that you have at least CA $10,000 (PKR 1,343,080. per year to live in Canada.

Requirements of Canadian Visa Approval and Process

It’s time to pack your bags and head to Canada. If all your documentation requirements are complete, you should be good to go for your trip to Canada. A study visa for Canada has a validity of the duration of the course plus three months.

• You need to have permission from the embassy of your country.

• The passport of the student is not enough to get the visa.

• It is recommended that you should provide all the documents related to your study.

• The documents must be translated into English.

• You need to bring a copy of your passport and two passport photos.

• The embassy will check your documents to make sure that everything is okay.

This visa allows you to attend the program for the entire duration of the program and would be renewed annually. If you intend to stay in Canada after completing the program, a new study visa will be needed after the initial one expires.

Can Student Work in Canada Legally?

Students studying in Canada for a full-time study program of at least 6 months duration can work 20 hours per week. A student can work in Canada without having to obtain any other document.

Students in Canadian universities are allowed to work off-campus part-time jobs, avail of jobs during winter and summer holidays, and during national holidays. They also receive a tuition allowance of around $1,500 per term.

List of Top Universities of Canada

1- University of Alberta Scholarships in Canada

The University of Alberta is a top Canadian university offering full scholarships for international students to study Master’s programs and Ph.D.

2- University of Toronto Scholarships in Canada

The University of Toronto offers 4,000 scholarships in Canada for undergraduate and graduate degrees. The University of Toronto is ranked first in Canada for undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

3- University of Waterloo Scholarships in Canada

The University of Waterloo is a top university in Canada. It’s ranked among the top in Canada and one of the top universities in the world for international students.

4- McGill University Scholarships in Canada

A fully funded scholarship to study at McGill University. McGill University is one of the leading universities in the world, and it is ranked #31 in the world.

5- University of Ottawa Scholarships

The University of Ottawa offers many scholarships to international students, and citizens from Candia, including undergraduate, graduate, master’s, and Ph.D. The university has the maximum number of scholarships available for international students and Canadian citizens.

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