AIOU Books Tracking and Dispath Info FA,BA, MA and all Classes

AIOU books tracking is not that difficult if you are aware with proper system. You know, it’s always nice to have a second or third chance at earning a degree. As first-time students, there are many options for affordable higher education available through the Internet and AIOU in Pakistan is one of them.

Your academic career with aiou if very important as it will give your educational career a great boost. The administration of this university is provided the best way for the people to see your publication from the official website. It has no terms and conditions for checking the current location.

AIOU books tracking for all classes

This is something that we have all heard before – an email comes in from the University saying that your books arrived. The University has sent them on the way to the next location for distribution. The next stop is to have them delivered to you.

In order to understand how to get the correct AIOU’s books delivered on right address, it is crucial to provide them proper address.

Aiou books dispatch Guidance

The next time you have a question about a particular university or college, it’s best to contact the admissions office directly to make sure everything is set up properly. This is especially important for universities like AIOU so your address for aiou books dispatch is proper. You can also check the admission forms information post.

aiou books tracking
aiou books tracking

If you have not received your course code or if you have not been able to access your online course, please contact the Open University responsible for sending your individual course code. You can find the Open University responsible for sending your individual course code through to the AIOU Books Tracking System by using the Roll No.

Click following button to check your books mailing status from online portal:

Check Book Dispatch Status

AIOU books Information Tracking Spring & Autumn Semesters can get your exam syllabus materials is receiving from the Open University.

Current Year allama iqbal open university books information

Today, the process of mail delivery has been expedited, and as a result, aspirants can receive their books within 10 days.

If your student life is being affected because of your academic work, get your books and submit your academic assignments within the set time frame. If there is an issue or question regarding the process, contact the officials on their official website

Helpline and complaint number for AIOU books

If you didn’t receive the books then contact on following details :

  • All time Helpline and complaint number for books: 051-111-112-468
  • Call in between 08:00 to 04:00 PM
  • and if you have an email access then send an email to :

 AIOU Latest books codes 

Books of Allam iqbal open university has a huge list of coeds however we are mentioning them here so you can get better help and cross check when they arrive you. Incase your book have different code then contact university on above given details as soon as possible. 

 0456Business TaxationHCBachelor 
 0457Business CommunicationHCdoDiscontinued
 0458Community DevelopmentFCdodo
 0459Material ManagementFCdodo
 0460Mercantile LawHCdo 
 0462Cost AccountingHCdo 
 0463Fundamentals of BusinessHCdo 
 0464Islamic FiqhFCdo 
 0465Population and DevelopmentFCdo 
 0466History of Libraries with Reference to PakistanFCdo 
 0467Classification and CataloguingFCdo 
 0468Islamic Socio-Political & Economic thoughtFCdoNot Ready
 0469Fundamentals of Computer and Data ProcessingFCdoDiscontinued
 0470Principles of MarketingHCdo 
 0471Statistics for ManagementHCdoDiscontinued
 0474Islamic FiqhFCdo 
 0476Philosophy of Islamic LegislationFCdo 
 0477Islamic Fiqh-IIHCdoDiscontinued
 0479ArcheologyFCdoIn Production Process
 0480Low VisionHCBSc Vision Sciences/Optometry 
 0482Food Micro-BiologyHCdo 
 0483Distance EducationFCdoNot Ready
 0484Food and NutritionHCdo 
 0485Health and NutritionHCdo 
 0486Everyday SciencesHCdoNot Ready
 0487Child DevelopmentHCdo 
 0488Child Development and Family Relation-IIHCdoNot Ready
 0489You and HospitalHCBSc OptometryDiscontinued & Course Merged in 492
 0490Anatomy of the Eye & the OrbitHCdoDiscontinued & Course Merged in 2421
 0491Physiology & the Micro-Biology of the EyeHCdodo
 0492Ophthalmic ScreeningFCdoDiscontinued & Course Merged in 489
 0493Clinical OpticsHCdo 
 0494Instrument OpticsHCdo 
 0495General concepts of OrthopticsHCdoDiscontinued & Course Merged in 2422
 0496Investigations and Clinical ConceptsHCdodo
 0497Visual OpticsHCdoSecond Code is 2430 in BSc Vision Sciences
 0498Contact LensesHCdo 
 0499Dispensing OptometryHCBSc OptometryDiscontinued & Course Merged in 2423
 0501Basic Concepts of Educational PlanningFCMA (EPM)Bifurcated into 6557 & 6558
 0502Process of Education PlanningFCdoBifurcated into 6559 & 6560
 0503Plan Implementation & Educational ManagementFCdoBifurcated into 6561 & 6562
 0504Curriculum Planning and EvaluationFCdoBifurcated into 6563 & 6564
 0505Economics and Financing of EducationFCdoBifurcated into 6565 & 6566
 0506Development EducationFCdoBifurcated into 6567 & 6568
 0507Educational Research & StatisticsFCdoBifurcated into 6569 & 6570
 0508Project Implementation, Monitoring & EvaluationFCdoBifurcated into 6571 & 6572
 0509Term PaperFCdo 
 0510Research ThesisFCdo 
 0511Population Education for Secondary School TeachersFCCertificate CourseDiscontinued
 0512Perspective of EducationHCBEdSecond Code is 2600
 0513School Organization  and ManagementHCdoSecond Code is 2601
 0514Evaluation Guidance and ResearchHCdoSecond Code is 2602
 0515PGD in ELT-IFCDiplomaDiscontinued
 0516PGD in ELT-IIFCdodo
 0517Teaching of Pakistan StudiesFCBEd 
 0518Educational Psychology and CurriculumHCdoSecond Code is 2603
 0519Teaching of EnglishFCdo 
 0520Teaching of BiologyFCdo 
 0521Introduction to Behavioural SciencesHCMBADiscontinued

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