Belgium Student Visa Complete Process 2024 (Scholarships and Requirements)

The Belgium Student Visa is designed for individuals pursuing higher education in Belgium. Those admitted to Belgian universities must obtain this visa. Belgium, a hub for academic excellence, offers quality education at affordable fees. I recently shared details about the Belgium Master Mind Scholarships 2024-25, an exciting opportunity for studying in Belgium.

Now, back to the visa process. Non-EU nationals applying for the Belgium Long Stay Visa (D Visa) Category must personally visit the visa application center to provide biometric data, including fingerprint scans and live digital photos. Let’s explore the necessary documents, requirements, and appointment procedures for this visa application.

Requirements of Belgium student Visa

Sure, here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to apply for a student visa to study in Belgium:

  1. Get the Application Form: You can find the application form on the VFS Global website or by contacting the Belgium embassy in your home country. They’ll guide you through the process.
  2. Gather Required Documents:
  • Passport: Make sure your passport is valid.
  • Acceptance Letter: This is proof that you’ve been accepted by a Belgian university.
  • Supporting Letter: Write a cover letter explaining why you want to study in Belgium.
  • English Proficiency: Show that you can understand and communicate in English.
  • Clean Record: Provide a document proving you don’t have a criminal record.
  • Educational Documents: Show certificates from your previous studies.
  • Photos: Have two pictures of yourself ready.
  • Health Insurance: Get health insurance that covers your stay in Belgium.
  • Financial Proof: If you’re not on a scholarship, show you have enough money to support yourself. But if you have a scholarship, you might not need to show your bank statements.

Always make sure to double-check the requirements and guidelines as they may differ depending on your nationality.

How to Process Belgium Scholarship and Visa

Here are easy steps to follow :

  1. Keep Updated: Remember, the required documents might change based on where you’re from. Check with the Embassy to stay updated on what you need.
  2. Submit: Once you’ve gathered all the documents, submit your application to the Embassy or VFS Global following their instructions.
  3. Wait for Processing: After submitting, wait for the Embassy to process your application. It might take some time, so be patient.
  4. Follow Up: If needed, follow up with the Embassy regarding your application status.

Visa Cost and other expenses

The cost of a student visa for Belgium can vary depending on your nationality and the specific visa application center. Generally, the fee can range from approximately €180. It’s essential to check the most recent fees on the official website of the Belgian embassy or consulate in your country or the website of the visa application center handling Belgium visas.

Who do not require this visa

You won’t need a Belgian student visa if:

  • You’re from a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country.
  • You live in a Schengen country.
  • You’re from the US, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Monaco, or the Republic of Andorra. If you’re from any of these places, you can apply for a residence permit right after you arrive in Belgium.

List of Belgium embassies and consulates

Get your Residence Permit After Arriving in Belgium

Once you’re in Belgium, within eight days, go to your local administration office to get your residence card. This card is what lets you stay in Belgium while you’re studying there.

For students from the EU, a residence permit might not be needed, but they should still register if they plan to stay for more than three months.

Working in Belgium while Studying

As an international student, you can work up to 20 hours a week during the semester.

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