The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships (QECS) 2024

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth scholarships (QECS) offers a unique occasion to study a two- time Master’s degree in a low or middle- income Commonwealth country.

Aimed at scholars who are committed to creating change in their communities, the literacy are a life- changing occasion to witness a new country and culture, to broaden horizons, and to make a global network that will last a continuance. Through cultural exchange and academic collaboration.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars help bring about positive change and find results to the shared challenges we face both in their home countries and those that host them. As an active part of the Commonwealth network, scholars will help shape its future. Through cultural exchange and academic collaboration.

Each time there are two openings to apply for QECS – cycle 1 opens in November/ December and cycle 2 opens in March/ April. You only need to submit one application, but you are welcome to apply further than formerly if there is another country you are interested in studying in. You will also like Belgium Student Visa Complete Process 2024.

What does the QECS cover?

  • Fully- funded education freights.
  • Living allowance (stipend) for duration of award.
  • Return economy flights to host country.
  • One- off appearance allowance.
  • Exploration Support entitlement (on request only; subject to blessing).

How to apply?

Here are some important steps which you can follow.

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Before applying for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship, you must insure that you meet the eligibility criteria. Make sure you have the necessary qualifications and meet the needed nationality and occupancy criteria.

Step 2: Gather needed Documents

For your Scholarships to be reused, you must supply complete documents. These include academic reiterations, evidence of identity, substantiation of language proficiency, a particular statement, two references, and any fresh documents specified by the selection panel.

Step 3: Submit the Scholarships

Once you have collected all the needed documents and assured that you meet the eligibility conditions, you can submit your operation online. This includes furnishing contact details, uploading all needed documents, and submitting any fresh information requested by the selection panel. Applicants must apply to one of the universities listed on the sanctioned website.

There are two cycles for applying each time, and aspirants must determine which cycle they should apply to. It’s possible for applicants to submit applications to multiple universities or nations.

Step 4: Stay for the Selection outgrowth

Once you have handed in your application, you must stay to learn the selection process results. The selection commission will review all Scholarship & decide

who’ll admit the institution. You’ll be notified if you have been successful in gaining the Scholarship.

Step 5: Confirm Acceptance

Still, you’ll be asked to confirm your acceptance within a specific timeframe, if you’re successfully awarded the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship. Once this is done, your Scholarship offer will be officially verified. Step 6 Get Ready for Your Studies once your acceptance is verified, you can begin preparing for your studies.

Maximum Age limit for a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Award:

They must have earned a 2:1 or advanced in their undergraduate degree. There’s no defined age limit for winning a Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Award. Please keep in mind that each university may have its own set of admissions norms

Candidates are now invited to apply for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships 2024. The Scholarships are funded for the 2 times Master level degree programs. Transnational scholars from Commonwealth Countries are eligible to apply. The main purpose of these QECS Scholarships is to witness a Culture, to broaden midair’s and make a global network.

The ACU is a transnational Organization devoted to erecting a better world through advanced education. We believe that transnational collaboration is central to this ambition. By bringing universities together from around the world.

We help to advance knowledge, promote understanding, broaden minds, and ameliorate lives. We support advanced education as a foundation of stronger societies, supporting our members, mates, and stakeholders.

Apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Here

Why apply for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship?

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for transnational scholars to study at world- famed universities & gain precious knowledge and experience. With access to a global network of alumni, this scholarship will give a formerly- by-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with peers worldwide.

Also, this education can open up numerous openings to pursue careers in transnational associations, government agencies, & nonprofit associations. The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is an inconceivable chance to broaden one’s midair’s & equip one with the chops necessary to make a meaningful difference in the world. This scholarship will allow you to grow professionally.


Q-1: Who is eligible to apply for the Commonwealth scholarships?

A: Citizens of Commonwealth countries other than Papua New Guinea are eligible to apply. The Scholarships provide a life-changing opportunity for students committed to making a positive impact in their communities.

Q-2: What is the age limit for a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Award?

A: There is no defined age limit for winning a Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Award. Please keep in mind that each university may have its own way of admissions standards.

Q-3: Are there any benefits apart from the scholarship?

A: Yes, successful applicants will also be offered mentoring, training, and networking opportunities.

Q-4: Is it possible to extend the scholarship for a second year?

A: Yes, if you produce excellent academic performance and progress with your research project, you may be eligible for a second year of funding.

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