RIPS Summer Internship 2024 – Get Latest Update and Apply Today 

The full form of RIPS is Research in Industrial Projects for Students. RIPS is a 9  week fully funded internship in the United States for international students. The  applications for the RIPS Summer Internship 2024 are now open. This is an  exceptional opportunity for worldwide talented undergraduate students and  recent graduates (except U.S. Citizens) to work in teams on real-world research  projects Country: USA 


  • Internship Location: UCLA campus, Los Angeles
  • Internship Dates: June 24 – August 23, 2024 
  • Financial Benefits: Fully Funded 
  • Deadline: 5th February 2024 

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RIPS Summer Internship Benefits 

RIPS Summer Internship 2024 having following benefits, 

  • Graduating seniors are eligible. 
  • Site visit with sponsors (subject to confirmation) 
  • Housing and meals on campus 
  • Travel allowance 
  • Visa sponsorship for selected international students. 
  • Stipend of $4,200 
  • Limited partial support for future travel to select conferences.

Eligibility Criteria for RIPS Summer Internship

∙ Open for international undergraduate students and recent graduates who  received their degree after December 2023. 

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years old 
  • Open to undergraduate students or recent graduates worldwide ∙ U.S. citizens are ineligible 
  • Foreign students (studying in the US or abroad) are eligible 

What does the program emphasize? 

The program emphasizes research, of course, but this is just part of it. You’ll experience group work, maybe for the first time, and learn to  navigate the team environment. In addition, there’s a significant emphasis  on the presentation of your research.

You’ll write a formal final report for  your “client” as well as prepare and give quiz and final donations of your  work to a followership that includes scholars, faculty, assiduity  professionals, and others. 

Required Materials For Application: 

  • Resume/CV 
  • Transcript(s) 
  • Two reference letters (to be submitted online) 

How to apply for the RIPS internship? 

  • The applicants have to apply online through the official website.
  • How to Apply for the 2023–2024 RIPS Summer Internship Program:
  • The online application process requires candidates to use the website of  their choice. 
  • Before beginning the application procedure, candidates must log into their  account. 
  • The cover sheet needs to be completed by candidates in a uniform format.
  • Applicants must submit two writers of reference. To ensure that email  solicitations are sent to the writers you trust, make sure you click the green arrow on official website. 
  • If you press the button for submission. It will guide you to the RIPS  application. Form for RIPS Applications. 
  • The application for the RIPS summer intern 2023 must be completed by  candidates. 
  • All necessary documentation that the applicant can upload must be  available. 
  • Every mandatory field needs to be correctly filled out. 

Please apply at the following link: 

Apply for RIPS Summer Internship


∙ The duration of the RIPS LA student internship will last nine weeks. Areas of RIPS Internship 

Subject Areas

  • Mathematics  
  • Statistics 
  • Computer Science 

The RIPS internship will take place in person rather than virtually, though this could  change depending on how bad the pandemic gets. The internship program is  sponsored by UCLA, which is actively making changes to the program to protect  applicants. The long-term study internship can inspire youth and form an 

intellectual community, which can lead to positive change all around the world.  Proficient individuals can contribute to changing the world to meet the current  standards for analytical and scientific knowledge by doing this. The nine-week  curriculum is a thorough one that offers pupils several benefits. 

Why RIPS is a great program

This program equips students with employable skills that enable them to use math and  computing to solve global problems in the most effective ways. Under the guidance of  top faculty, interns can participate in a range of academic, research, and project-based  activities. 

The opportunity to learn about American culture should not be missed by  students who are keen to comprehend the world that is American culture. Students will  be able to apply their mathematical expertise to practical industrial problems through the  fully funded US internship program in 2024. A team called IPAM includes the RIPS. 

More Information about RIPS Program

The RIPS students are part of an IPAM team. IPAM which is where one student will be given the responsibility of leading the whole group as an executive manager. The project will allow students to discover the sponsors of the project and also explore career options within the specific field they prefer. 

It helps students aware of the writing of reports as well as presentation and management skills and time management. Participants will gain an edge on the job market due to the combination of real-world research experiences, accompanied by possible gains gained through their participation in RIPS. In addition, UCLA is located near to popular beaches and tourist attractions and provides students with a relaxing natural environment. 


Who can apply for rips 2024? 

A. Recent graduates who have received their degree no earlier than December  2024 may apply for RIPS 2024. Students with a strong background in mathematics 

and an interest in seeing how mathematics is used in the real world are encouraged  to apply. 

What is a research in industrial projects for students (rips) program?

A. The Research in Industrial Projects for Students (RIPS) Programs provide an  opportunity for talented undergraduate students to work in teams on real-world  research projects that are proposed by sponsors from industry or the public sector. 

What is rips summer internship 2024? 

A. RIPS is a 9-week fully funded internship in the United States for international  students. The applications for the RIPS Summer Internship 2024 are now open. Clink on the link for more information. 

What will participating in RIPS do for me? 

A. First, in contrast to most summer research experiences that focus on an  academic problem where students work closely with an academic mentor. 

Second, RIPS students work on teams, with one student serving as project  manager. For many students, this is their first experience working in a team  environment. Third, RIPS provides students an opportunity to explore  careers in mathematics, science and technology. 

What classes should a student have already completed to be  adequately prepared for RIPS? 

A. The backgrounds of successful applicants vary quite a bit. Most have taken  some upper-division math and some computer programming classes.

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