Italy intake 2024 for international students 

Italy has emerged a popular study destination for international students due to its rich  history, cultural heritage and excellent academic institutions. 

While majority of universities in Italy follows the September intake for admissions. There  are limited options available for students to get admissions in Italy universities. 

Intake rounds open to all applicants:  

First intake: From 2 January to 23 February 2024. Outcomes will be notified by the  admission boards by 15 March 2024 

Second intake: From 18 March to 17 May 2024. Outcomes will be notified by the  admission boards by 21 June 2024 

Intake round open only to EU citizens and non-EU  

citizens already residing in Italy

Third intake: From 8 July to 30 August 2024. Outcomes will be notified by the  admission boards by 20 September 2024. 

IMPORTANT: The third intake is not open to non-EU citizens living abroad.  Applications from non-EU citizens living abroad will not be considered and the  application fee, if paid, will not be refunded. 

This intake is open only to the following aspirants, 

1. EU citizens (including aspirants from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, San  Marino and Vatican City).  

Non-EU citizens living in Italy with a long-term habitation permit or with a valid hearthstone permit for  

  • Work  
  • Family reunification  
  • Religious reasons 
  • Shelter  
  • Subsidiary protection  
  • Social protection  
  • Victims of domestic violence  
  • Labor exploitation  
  • Special protection  
  • Debacle  
  • Acts of special civil value 

Why should transnational students attend the February intake? 

The February input offers several advantages for transnational scholars. Originally, it allows  scholars who have completed their studies in their home countries in December or January  to transition easily into a new academic program. Secondly, it provides an opening to fill  any vacant seats left after the September input. 

Fully funded scholarships in Italy

These fully funded scholarships in Italy not only cover tuition figures but also feed to living  charges and trip allowances, turning your educational bourns into reality. We are then to  guide you through every step of the operation process, including comprehensive advice on  immigration and student visa procedures for Italy. 

Most Popular Universities in Italy

  1. ∙ University Of Milan 
  2. ∙ Sapienza University Of Rome 
  3. ∙ University Of Bologna 
  4. ∙ University Of Messina 
  5. ∙ University Of Verona 
  6. ∙ University Of Pisa 
  7. ∙ University Of Trento Rome 
  8. ∙ Rome University Of Fine Arts 
  9. ∙ Catholic University 
  10. ∙ University Of Turin 
  11. ∙ University Of Bozen-Bolzano 
  12. ∙ University Of PaviaIstituto
  13. ∙ MarangoniUniversity Of TriesteCa’ Foscari  
  14. ∙ University Of Venice 
  15. ∙ University Of Perugia 
  16. ∙ University Of Rome Tor Vergata 
  17. ∙ University Of Bari Aldo Moro 
  18. ∙ University Of Padua 
  19. ∙ University Of Milano-Bicocca LUISS  
  20. ∙ University Polytechnic  
  21. ∙ University Of Milan 
  22. ∙ Bocconi University  

One-year preparatory program mainly intended for international students needing an  additional year of studies before University enrolment, and focusing on admission tests  preparation and Italian language and culture. 

Are there scholarships for international students in Italy?

There are government scholarships at the national and regional level to which  international students can apply for. Moreover, some Italian Universities offer  Italian scholarship programs for international students. Italy Scholarships for  International Students from Developing Countries 2024-2025. 

List of fully funded scholarships in Italy

Here is a list of some fully funded scholarships in Italy let’s have a look.

Pavia Scholarships 2024

The University of Pavia, an esteemed institution with a rich history and a  commitment to academic excellence, is proud to announce a unique opportunity  for international students. In the spirit of fostering global education, the university  is offering 50 tuition fee waivers for the academic year 2024-2025. 

Degree Level

The University of Pavia offers a diverse range of degree programs across various  fields of study , including but not limited to: 


Biology, chemistry, physics, natural sciences, and mathematics.  

Engineering and Technology

Mechanical engineering, computer engineering,  electronic engineering, and information technology.  

Humanities and Social Sciences

History, philosophy, psychology, and  education.  

Law and Political Sciences

Law, international relations, and political science.  

Economics and Business

Economics, business administration, finance, and  management.  

Health Sciences

Medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and biomedical sciences.  

Apply on University of Pavia Official Website

Polytechnico di Milano scholarship

Also known as the Polytechnico University of Milan, has undergone impressive  growth and is now acknowledged as one of Europe’s largest technical universities.  Over the years, it has cultivated a proud tradition of producing accomplished  alumni who have achieved significant milestones in various fields.

The university  offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across disciplines  such as engineering, architecture, and design. These encompass diverse fields  including civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,  industrial design, architecture, urban planning, and more.  

Polytechnic di Milano offers a vibrant and immersive student experience, featuring  a variety of clubs, sports facilities, cultural events, and student associations. The  university provides comprehensive support services to assist students in their  integration into campus life and offers valuable resources for career development  and job placement.

Globally renowned for its academic excellence and  contributions to research, Polytechnic di Milano stands as a prestigious institution  for those seeking education in engineering, architecture, and design, making it a  distinguished choice not only in Italy but worldwide.

Degree Level

Polytechnic Di Milano Fully Funded Scholarships 2024-25, Study in Italy is available to  undertake Bachelor, Masters, PhD level programs at Polytechnic di Milano University. 

Available Subjects

⮚ Aerospace Science and Technology  

⮚ Architecture and Urban Studies  

⮚ Physics  

⮚ Mathematics  

⮚ Mechanical Engineering  

⮚ Design  

⮚ Civil and Environmental Engineering  

⮚ Chemical Engineering 

Polytechnico di Milano scholarship

Benefits of fully funded Scholarships

  • ∙ Comprehensive scholarship program at no cost. 
  • ∙ Takes care of complete tuition fee coverage. 
  • ∙ Supplies accommodation in hostel facilities addresses living expenses and  medical costs. 
  • ∙ Early assessment helps students plan ahead, giving them clarity on their  eligibility and the likelihood of gaining admission. 

Invest Your Talent in Italy

Invest Your Talent in Italy: The “Invest Your Talent in Italy” scholarship is  another program offered by the University of Camerino. Like other scholarships, it has its specific application timeline. Interested students  should stay informed about when applications are accepted for this  particular scholarship.  

My Experience

The prospects of studying in Italy have never looked so bright! With an array of fully  funded scholarships at your disposal, the dream of studying in this culturally rich  country, full of history and renowned universities, is very much within reach. From  the scenic Piedmont region to the chic city of Milan, the historic city of Bologna to 

charming Padua, these scholarships offer you the opportunity to explore the  diversity and beauty of Italy while you study. 

Opportunities like these are rare. Don’t let them slip by; seize them! After all, as  the Italians say, “la vita è bella” – life is beautiful, especially when you’re studying  in Italy.

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