How to Write a Motivation Letter for Winning a PhD Position [Drafts Included]

As part of your PhD application, you must submit a motivation letter, which is sometimes referred to as a personal statement or statement of purpose. Your motivation for wanting to pursue a PhD should be discussed in your letter, as should how your objectives fit with those of the school you are applying to.

Why Motivational Letter in required for PhD?

A PhD motivation letter is crucial because it offers you the chance to discuss your enthusiasm for your topic of study and your reasons for wanting to pursue a PhD. You may also use it to show off your writing prowess and your efficient verbal and written communication abilities.

A motivation letter can also assist the admissions committee in comprehending your goals, ambitions, and how a PhD will help you reach them. Additionally, it might emphasise any relevant qualifications or abilities that make you a standout applicant for the programme.

In conclusion, a strong motivation letter will help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of being admitted into the PhD programme. It is a crucial step in the application process and shouldn’t be disregarded.

Important points for PhD Motivational Letter

Following are some pointers for writing a powerful motivation letter for a PhD position:

  • Start by introducing yourself and outlining your motivation for getting a PhD.
  • Talk about your prior academic and research endeavours, emphasising any pertinent courses or research endeavours that have equipped you for graduate study.
  • Describe your research inclinations and how they relate to the kind of study being conducted at the school you’re applying to. You should also include the names of any professors or research teams with whom you would like to work.
  • Write down your long-term objectives and how a PhD can help you attain them.
  • Only you are on your resume. In a cover letter, you can describe how your qualifications align with those of the job posting. In this manner, the emphasis is on both you and the open position. Instead of concentrating just on your profile, concentrate on proving this relationship.
  • Your letter should be quite upbeat. Keep your complaints and any blaming to yourself. Mention how your qualifications match the job description. Don’t suggest that you were at a disadvantage in the past or that you deserve the job since something horrible happened.
  • Finish by expressing your passion for the programme and the reasons you think the institution would benefit from having you.

Don’t forget to check your letter thoroughly and customise it for the particular programme and school you are applying to. Your particular research interests and objectives should be highlighted, and the essay should be clear, succinct, and well-written.

Sample PhD motivation
 letter [Doc and pdf]

Following is the format of motivational latter for all programs like computer science, life science, economics , business administration and all others.

General draft letter

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to express my interest in pursuing a PhD in (Program name) at XYZ University. With a strong foundation in (Program) and a passion for research, I believe that a PhD program will provide me with the skills and experiences needed to become a leading researcher in the field.

As an undergraduate student at ABC University, I completed a number of courses in (Program) and gained valuable experience through various research projects. One such project, which I worked on under the supervision of Professor John Doe, involved developing a machine learning algorithm to predict stock prices. This project sparked my interest in machine learning and motivated me to further explore this area of research.

I am particularly interested in the research being conducted at XYZ University in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. I believe that the expertise and resources available at your institution will provide me with the opportunity to make significant contributions to this field. Especially i am interested in working with Professor Jane Doe, whose research on natural language processing aligns with my own interests and career goals.

Upon completion of my PhD, I hope to pursue a career in academia as a professor and researcher. I believe that a PhD program at XYZ University will provide me with the skills and experiences necessary to achieve this goal.

Thank you for considering my application. I am excited at the prospect of joining the PhD program at XYZ University and contributing to the research community.


[Your Name]

Specific draft motivational letter in pdf and doc format

PhD motivation letter sample doc

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