14 Universities Scholarship In Netherlands For International Students

Are you looking for a scholarship to study in the Netherlands? Good news! There are 14 universities offering scholarships for international students. These programs provide financial support and mentorship, making it easier than ever before to pursue higher education abroad.

With so many options available, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll discuss each of these university-sponsored scholarships in detail – what they offer and how to apply.

Read on to learn more about your opportunities for studying in the Netherlands with an international student scholarship!

International Scholarships For Dutch Universities

International students interested in studying at Dutch universities have a variety of scholarship options available to them. Scholarships can help cover tuition fees and living costs, allowing students the opportunity to pursue their studies without worrying about financial burdens.

In addition, many scholarships also require applicants to demonstrate proficiency in the Dutch language. While this may seem like a challenge for some international students, there are numerous resources available to assist with learning the language before applying for a scholarship.

Ultimately, by making use of these opportunities, international students can make their dream of studying abroad in one of Europe’s most vibrant countries into reality.

Why Study In Finland?

Finland is a great destination for international students looking for a high-quality education.With world-class universities and an innovative environment, Finland offers an engaging study experience.

Tuition fees are also relatively low compared to other European countries, making it an affordable option for international students.Students can also take advantage of the generous scholarship programs offered by many universities in Finland.

This makes it possible for international students to access a top-tier education without breaking the bank.

With so many benefits, it’s no surprise that Finland is becoming an increasingly popular destination for international students.

High-Quality Education

Studying in Finland offers international students a high-quality education experience at an affordable tuition. Not only do you get to experience the vibrant student life, but also have access to excellent job opportunities after graduating.

In addition, universities provide support for research and studies as well as various scholarships that can help reduce or even cover your entire tuition fees. All of these factors contribute to why Finland is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students looking to pursue their academic goals with excellence while enjoying their university life.

Innovative Environment

Moreover, Finland offers an innovative learning environment for international students. This is due to its high-tech infrastructure, cultural diversity and numerous career opportunities that are available after graduation.

Students can benefit from the country’s commitment to innovation by taking part in research projects or even joining startups while studying.

With this dynamic atmosphere, it’s easy to see why Finland has become one of the most popular destinations among foreign students looking to pursue their academic goals with excellence and success.

Affordable Tuition Fees

Furthermore, the modest tuition fees and numerous funding opportunities make studying in Finland an attractive choice for international students.

Financial aid is often available to those who need it, making it easier for individuals from all backgrounds to pursue their studies without worrying about language barriers or financial restrictions.

It’s also worth noting that there are ample resources available to help international students adjust to life in Finland, making it a great destination if you’re looking for an affordable option with plenty of support.

University Of Twente

The University of Twente (TU) is an excellent choice for international students looking to pursue higher education in the Netherlands. With its substantial scholarship opportunities, positive student life, and straightforward admissions process, TU offers a unique experience that can shape any individual’s future success.

Scholarship programs range from partial tuition waivers to full ride awards; these funds allow many students who may not have had access to such education otherwise to attend TU without worry. The university boasts a vibrant campus atmosphere filled with activities designed to help engage students both academically and socially.

Additionally, applicants must only meet certain requirements in order to be accepted into the program – no entrance exams or interviews necessary! Without question, the University of Twente provides numerous advantages for incoming international pupils searching for new educational opportunities abroad.

Leiden University

As a leader in higher education, Leiden University has been providing scholarships for international students who would like to study abroad.

The university offers various scholarship opportunities throughout the academic year, with applications opening up several times annually.

Applying for a scholarship can be quite an extensive process, so it is important to note that some of these programs may require supplemental tuition fees, depending on your home country and other factors.

It will also be necessary to meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for any of the available scholarships at Leiden University, such as having good grades or demonstrating financial need.

All in all, those interested in studying abroad have much to gain from considering Leiden University’s scholarship offerings; by doing so they could reduce their overall cost of tuition while gaining valuable experience during their stay overseas.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is an internationally renowned university with a long history of excellence in education. It offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture, lifestyle and educational environment that the Netherlands has to offer.

Erasmus prides itself on its commitment to providing top-notch research and teaching opportunities for international students looking to pursue their studies at one of Europe’s most prestigious universities. With strong links to both Dutch and global institutions, Erasmus provides access to world-class facilities, as well as cultural activities such as language classes, music performances and sporting events.

In addition, it also gives student access to unique services like career counseling, further study options and internships – all aimed at helping them excel beyond their degree program.

By choosing Erasmus, you will benefit from an enriching experience that combines erasmus culture, dutch education, netherlands lifestyle and more!

Radboud University

Radboud University is located in Nijmegen, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.

This university offers a variety of scholarships for international students and provides funding eligibility to those who qualify. The scholarship application process requires that applicants have adequate English language proficiency; however, Dutch language courses are available to those who wish to learn it during their studies.

Radboud also has plenty of other programs for internationals, including a buddy program, an orientation week and more.

In addition, there’s a wide selection of bachelor’s and master’s degrees taught in both English and Dutch, giving prospective students plenty of options when looking into studying at this prestigious institution.

Wageningen University

Wageningen University, located in the beautiful city of Wageningen in the Netherlands, is an ideal destination for international students seeking a quality education and scholarship opportunities.

It offers competitive tuition costs and a plethora of student life activities to ensure an enriching experience both inside and outside the classroom.

To be eligible for scholarships at Wageningen University, applicants must meet certain academic requirements as well as language proficiency criteria.

Furthermore, all accepted international students are required to pay tuition fees according to their program of study. However, there are several options available providing financial support such as grants, bursaries and other forms of assistance.

With this wide range of resources on offer along with various clubs and organizations that promote community building among its diverse student body, Wageningen University provides the perfect environment for any aspiring scholar looking to further their studies abroad.

Maastricht University

Studying at Maastricht University is an opportunity of a lifetime! Not only do international students have access to incredibly low tuition rates, they are also able to benefit from the university’s vibrant and diverse culture.

From its numerous student organizations to its lively nightlife, Maastricht provides a unique lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else. Whether it’s exploring Europe or making lifelong friends, Maastricht offers something for everyone.

With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why so many international students choose to pursue their educational goals here. Truly, there is no better place than Maastricht University to receive quality education while having the time of your life!

University Of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) offers a plethora of opportunities for international students to experience the rich culture and history that is found in the city.

With its vibrant lifestyle, abundant cultural attractions, and world-class educational facilities, UvA is an ideal place to pursue higher education.

The university’s academic offerings range from medicine to philosophy; its research focuses on data science and technology as well as urban studies.

Additionally, UvA has numerous student organizations that foster involvement both on campus and beyond.

As such, it provides an excellent opportunity for international students to immerse themselves in the unique blend of Amsterdam’s culture, history and modern day lifestyle whilst furthering their own academic pursuits.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) offers generous scholarships to international students, providing a unique opportunity for them to experience the renowned Dutch education system.

With its tuition fees being competitive amongst universities in the Netherlands, and even lower than some of its peers across Europe, it’s an attractive option for those looking to study abroad without breaking the bank.

The university also takes into account living expenses when awarding their scholarships, meaning that recipients can enjoy all that Amsterdam has to offer with confidence.

Beyond this financial support, VU puts considerable effort into helping international students make connections and build networks at events such as welcome dinners; creating a sense of community throughout their stay.

All of these factors combined mean that studying at VU is not only affordable but also memorable in terms of both academics and social life.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and has a rich history, dating back to 1927.

Located in Tilburg City, it offers international students an ideal setting for their studies. It boasts excellent resources such as libraries, laboratories, sports facilities and cultural centers that provide students with numerous opportunities for learning and recreation.

With its strong academic reputation and competitive tuition fees, Tilburg University attracts many international students each year. The university provides them with a unique learning environment where they can explore different cultures while developing their knowledge and skills.

Its vibrant student life also allows them to make new friends who share similar interests. At Tilburg University, international students will find all the support they need to pursue their studies successfully and have an unforgettable experience at the same time.

Eindhoven University Of Technology

After concluding our research on Tilburg University, we move onto Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e).

The university offers a wide range of funding opportunities for international students. It provides several programs and courses that are designed to support the academic success of its student body.

Scholarships such as the Holland Scholarship Program, Orange Tulip Scholarship and TU/e Top Talent Scholarship provide tuition fee waivers and other financial aid to eligible applicants.

Furthermore, they offer various study abroad programs in cooperation with partner universities in Europe and across the world. This allows international students to gain valuable knowledge while having access to some of the best resources available at TU/e.

Additionally, their commitment towards providing an inclusive learning environment is evident from the fact that they have implemented accessible housing policies for disabled students or those living with chronic illnesses.

All in all, these initiatives make TU/e a great option for international students seeking higher education in Netherlands.

Groningen University

Groningen University is a great choice for international students seeking funding opportunities, as it provides a number of scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

This university also offers the chance to experience life in a new culture and gain knowledge about cultural differences.

Student life at Groningen is an exciting mix of fun activities, educational seminars, and social events where you can meet people from all over the world.

The vibrant city center has plenty of restaurants, bars and shops that cater to various tastes – making it easy for everyone to find something they like!

With its diverse student population and range of programs available, Groningen University is sure to provide an unforgettable learning experience.

Open University

The Open University of the Netherlands offers international students an opportunity to pursue a university degree from anywhere in the world. With its online learning platform, it provides access to education that is both convenient and affordable.

The tuition fees are competitive with other universities worldwide, making this program attractive for those looking for quality education at an economical cost. Language barriers can be overcome by taking courses offered in English or Dutch, depending on the student’s preference.

Aspiring students should take into account that all courses must be completed within five years of enrollment; however, they are given ample time to finish their studies without any pressure.

In light of these factors, the Open University of the Netherlands is certainly worth considering as a viable option when looking into universities scholarships in Netherland for international students.

University Of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in the Netherlands has become an increasingly popular destination for international students wishing to pursue their academic and professional goals.

With its vibrant student culture, competitive tuition fees and generous scholarship eligibility criteria, UAS offers a high-quality education that can propel students towards success.

The university provides first-rate career guidance programs as well as numerous cultural activities to ensure each student enjoys a rewarding experience during their stay at the school.

Additionally, UAS is home to faculty members who are experts in their respective fields, providing personalized support for every student’s growth and development.

Overall, UAS stands out among other universities in the Netherlands as a top choice for any international student looking for quality education and enriching experiences abroad.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a renowned Dutch university that offers an excellent education and research opportunities for international students.

With its vibrant, cosmopolitan city life, Utrecht provides an outstanding lifestyle for studying abroad.

Students are provided with all the necessary resources to ensure their success in the classroom, including libraries, study spaces, labs and cafeterias.

The cost of living in Utrecht is also relatively low compared to other popular cities such as Amsterdam due to its smaller size.

Additionally, there are plenty of housing options available both on-campus and off-campus which allow students to find something suitable according to their budget.

All in all, Utrecht University offers international students a quality educational experience along with great cultural experiences at an affordable price.

Requirements For International Students In The Netherlands

When it comes to education level, international students must have achieved a high school diploma or equivalent in order to be considered for a scholarship in the Netherlands.

Financially, international students must be able to demonstrate they have the necessary funds to cover their tuition and living costs while studying.

When it comes to language proficiency, applicants must provide proof of their English or Dutch language skills with a recognised certificate or test. Additionally, other language requirements may be determined depending on the university or programme.

Overall, international students must meet all of these requirements in order to be considered for a scholarship in the Netherlands.

Education Level

When researching universities in the Netherlands for international students, it is important to consider education level requirements. Many Dutch Universities require that applicants have reached a certain academic threshold, with many also requiring proficiency in English or Dutch as part of their admissions process.

Financial aid may be available to help cover tuition costs and language barriers can often be overcome by taking intensive language courses before beginning university studies. It’s essential then, to research both the qualifications required as well as any funding sources that could assist in meeting those educational needs.

Ultimately, understanding what each institution expects will ensure an easier transition into higher learning abroad.


Once students understand the academic requirements to study in the Netherlands, they should also consider their financial eligibility.

Even if they are eligible for scholarships or other forms of aid, it is important to create a budget that will cover living expenses and tuition costs.

Fortunately, there are often ways to apply for additional funding or locate resources that can help with student budgeting.

With careful planning and research, international students can ensure that their educational experience abroad doesn’t break the bank.

Language Proficiency

Overall, language proficiency is a key part of the requirements for international students studying in the Netherlands.

Students must demonstrate their ability to understand and communicate in Dutch with various types of language tests.

Although course selection may be offered in English, being able to speak or read Dutch will help them better engage with the culture and people around them.

Therefore, it’s important that students look into language tests they need to take before embarking on their journey so they can have an enjoyable experience while living abroad.

With this knowledge, students can feel confident as they pursue their studies in the Netherlands.

Final Words

Studying in the Netherlands is a fantastic opportunity for international students. With 14 universities offering scholarships, it’s important to research each one carefully and determine which university best suits your needs.

Requirements may vary from institution to institution, so be sure to read through them thoroughly before applying. Additionally, you should consider what makes Finland an attractive place for studying abroad – its culture, its history, or even its landscape!

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to study in the Netherlands, make sure you take advantage of these generous scholarship offers available at Dutch universities.You won’t regret it.

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