AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023 Timings of All Subjects

AIOU has released the final workshop schedule of its open university course. The final schedule of the lectures will be distributed to the students. If a student not attending any workshop is declared as a fail in the final result. Candidates who have not attended the workshop will be required to take a quiz to assess their knowledge of the course material.

Workshops are an integral part of university education and play a crucial role in the development of students. AIOU Workshops provide an opportunity for students to acquire specific knowledge and skill sets that are useful in their future careers. These skill sets enhance employ ability and help students stand out in highly competitive job markets.

AIOU Workshop Schedule Details of All subjects, Fall/spring Semester 2023

Which one of the students is not attending the final exam? Which of the students will fail in the final exam results? For the students, it is important to attend classes to understand the course code and its importance in the final exams.

It is very important for students to participate in all classes because it will help them to understand the subjects. So the Allam iqbal open university has announced Spring and fall semester workshop schedule.

We are all aware of the importance of attending classes on time and of the consequences of being absent from the class without any valid reason. The students have been informed about the importance of attending classes on time and of the consequences of being absent from the class without any valid reason.

AIOU workshop schedule in aaghi portal
AIOU workshop schedule in aaghi portal

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Workshop Schedule AIOU for B.ED M.ED & MA Education

The students who have applied for the admission to M.ed and MA Education or BA , Bed will be able to check the schedule of the workshop by visiting the site of the university. The students who have missed the workshop will have to reappear as they will be considered as fail. The students who have not passed the degree have to reappear.

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Workshops of B.ed (2.5 years)

  1. Teaching Practice-I (8607): 28-30 Sep
  2. Research Project: (8675): 01-03 Oct
  3. Teaching Practice-I (6498): 01-03 Oct

Workshops of B.ed (1.5 Year)

  1. Teaching Practice- II (8608): 21-27 Sep
  2. Teaching Practice- I (8607): 28-30 Sep
  3. Research Project (8613): 01-03 Oct

Workshops of B.ed (4 Years) & ADE (2 years)

  1. Course Code 6415: 21 Sep-04 Oct
  2. 6464 Research Project: 28-30 Sep
  3. 8657 Research Project: 22-25 Sep
  4. 8658 Long Term Internship/ Teaching Practice: 21 Sep-04 Oct
  5. 6463: Long Term Internship: 21Sep-04 Oct

Workshops of MA Teachers Education

  1. 6554/6555 Teaching Practice (I & II): 21 Sep – 04 Oct

Workshops of M.A/M.ed Special Education

  1. 3600 Face to Face Component: 21-26 Sep 2021

B.ed (Old)

  1. 0655 Teaching Practice: 21 Sep-04 Oct

Allama Iqbal Open University Workshop Schedule Spring

The government of Pakistan has decided to avoid the gathering of students and teachers for a period of three months. Keeping in view the current situation of the country, Allama Iqbal Open University decoded to avoid the gathering of the students while keeping the workshop as per the old schedule and timetable. Instead, AIOU introduced the online classes to fulfill the demands of education in running situations. login workshop

Allama Iqbal University is an open university which offers its students to pursue their higher education in the fields of science, medicine, arts, commerce, and law. It has several campuses all over pakistan.

Solution of Login Error of Aagahi portal

When you log in as a guest, you can see exact details. Remember aagahi portal login details are case sensitive which means you have to take care of capital and small letter. Make sure your CAPS LOCK key is not turned on during password typing. It’s always best to copy-paste usernames and passwords to avoid any hassle.

Get AIOU Workshop Schedule Guidelines

This is a list of dates that will be thought of by the students of Allama Iqbal Open University of Islamabad for the upcoming semester. They are advised to attend the classes or workshops for their experience and for life skills also.

1. The course codes that will be thought of online are 6406, 6475,

2. These codes will be started on March 10th,

The students are directed to attend the online arranged schedule to cover the course outline.These are the courses that will be started to discuss online with the students from 13-15 March 2023.

Workshop Schedule AIOU 2023 Spring Semester (2 & 2.5 Years)

The next codes that are 6409, 6471, and 8666 will be discussed from 20-22 March 2021. The designed AIOU workshop schedule 2021 Download in PDF File is totally for the safety of the students so that they may continue their academic schedule.

Why Workshops of AIOU are important?

Here are a few reasons why workshops are important for Allama iqbal open university students:

  1. Hands-on learning: Workshops often involve practical sessions where theory is put into practice, which provides students with a hands-on learning experience. This helps students to remember the concepts better and understand the application of the theoretical concepts in real-world scenarios.
  2. Networking opportunities: Workshops bring together students, experts, and professionals from various fields on a common platform, providing ample opportunities for networking, which can be helpful in terms of future career prospects for students.
  3. Collaborative Learning: Workshops provide an environment for collaborative learning, which encourages student engagement and discussion. This promotes active learning and enables students to gain different perspectives from their peers.
  4. Encourages lifelong learning: Workshops encourage lifelong learning and keep students up-to-date with the latest advances and cutting-edge technologies in their field of study. This helps students to remain competitive throughout their careers.

Allama Iqbal Open University students should prioritise participating actively in workshops that are aligned with their future career prospects.

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